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If You Want Growth, Scrap IndyRef2

The constant threat of separation is what's damaging Scotland's economy. When it comes to economic growth, independence is the problem not the solution!

If you want growth then scrap indyref2

Today the SNP has launched a document entitled Scotland: The New Case for Optimism. It's published by something called "The Decline Commission", although we note it refers to itself, euphemistically, as "The Growth Commission".

Ms Sturgeon wants this document to "restart" the independence campaign. But of course, as has been pointed out, she's never stopped it. It's all she talks about.

Her and her party, they can't help it. It is their only reason-to-be.

So, this document is just another "prop" for them; another "talking point" they can use in their never-ending quest to keep talking about the destruction of the United Kingdom.

It's something to keep the pot boiling for the next few weeks. It's something for them to quote and reference, as if it's some kind of economic "authority".

"Look at us. We've published a book with numbers, and graphs, and everything, which we can use to pretend we know what we're talking about."

We don't accept the premise that Scotland should be independent, so we're not going to engage with its contents.

We don't engage with the Decline Commission's report on any substantive matter because we're not going to allow ourselves to be taken onto any ground where we have to sit and debate seriously about whether or not destroying the economic links with the rest of the UK is a good thing!

Of course we know it's a bad thing, end of story!

We do want to point out the following, though.

Daily Mail, 5-4-18

Scotland's Economy: 44th in the World; Now Why Should that Be?

Figures published last month show that Scotland's growth is less than half that of the rest of the UK, and 44th in the developed world.

Well, it doesn't take an economic student to know why that is happening!

The reason is because nobody with any brains or money to invest in Scotland is going to take the risk when it is governed by a party whose sole reason-to-be is to keep the country in a state of constitutional instability, and whose every-waking-aim is to destroy the economic relationship between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

When the ruling party is dedicated to up-ending the economic links with the rest of these Islands then who would want to:

a) Invest here?

b) Buy a house here?

c) Develop a business here?

d) Or pay more taxes here than anywhere else in the UK?

The people responsible for Scotland's economy being the 44th in the developed world are now telling us how to make it successful again?

You couldn't make it up. Oh look, they just did!

Economic success requires a country in a state of political stability – not a country deliberately kept in a state of agitated instability by a party intent on committing hari-kari on the country itself!

Growth NOW, not in some Mythical Future

"Restarting" the IndyRef2 debate is the exact opposite thing you should be doing if you want economic growth in the here and now.

All this kind of talk does is continue to keep Scotland in a state of constitutional – and consequently, economic – instability.

But of course we know that the SNP and Greens don't want to talk about economic growth in the here and now. They don't want it in real life. They only want to talk about it happening at some mythical point in the future when Scotland is "independent".

They are like these people who make excuses about why they can't do something right now, but are putting if off until that "ideal time" in the future...which never comes!

Ms Sturgeon wants to talk about economic growth happening in the mythical future. We want to talk about it happening right now!

And we know that growth can only happen if IndyRef2 is Off The Table.

If we really want Growth, then we need to scrap the whole idea of IndyRef2!

Until then, all this kind of talk does is keep Scotland unstable in the here and now, and keeps us in a spiral of decline.

Until the ScotNats end their obsession with separation, things are not going to get better!

Scotland's best and brightest will leave to somewhere more stable, and nobody with any funds or brains is going to risk investing here. It's that simple.

If we want real growth in Scotland then it should be made clear that there will be no second referendum on independence.

When it comes to economic growth, separation is the problem not the solution!

By the way, "Scotland The New Case for Optimism" is an anagram of "Common Wealths Forecasted in Pits". That's about the size of it!

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