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Unionist Politicians It's Time to Get the Finger Out!

Union Jack in Edinburgh 18-5-18

I'm a concerned voter who loves Scotland and Britain, and who is writing to various sympathetic politicians to express my concerns regarding Scottish Nationalism and the response to it.

This is not meant as criticism of any politician or party in particular, but of the general party-political unionist response to the current resurgence in nationalism generally.

In this regard, I would like to highlight a number of concerns I have with "the way things are going".

1. Over-Emphasis on Devolution (and Federalism)

The emphasis on devolution as a unionist strategy does not seem to be asking, as an essential part of the devolutionary situation, how that devolution is to be "bedded-down" in an integrated British context.

It is necessary to ask this so as not to threaten the Union and the integrity of the United Kingdom in the face of aggressive nationalism; and to prevent nationalists and a nationalist government from using devolution to "make" Scotland, as much as possible, a "foreign country".

What are unionist politicians doing to make for settled and stable devolution in a British context rather than assisting "slow independence" with even more devolution which does nothing but serve the purpose of the separatists?

2. SNP De-Britishing Scotland

The SNP is using devolution to strip Scotland of every possible reminder that we are part of Britain and British, as part of their long term aim to win independence.

We see that with their attempt to merge the"British Transport Police" with "Police Scotland" and their new regulations restricting the flying of the Union Flag on buildings which the SNP control, to only 1 day a year (Remembrance Sunday)!

Out of sight is out of mind, and they want the fact that Scotland is part of Britain, and that the Scots are British, out of sight and out of mind. And yet, the Scots voted to be British in 2014.

What are unionist politicians in Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom doing to address this?

Do cultural and national symbols like flags flying from public buildings not matter, or are all such national and cultural symbols of Britain in Scotland to be eviscerated, so we forget we are British and everyone ceases to feel British or any attachment to Britain or to believe in Britain?

They do indeed matter, as the nationalists well know!

Unionist politicians need to address this, or more and more people will care less and less about Britain, think of themselves only as Scottish, and be primed to vote for independence when the opportunity arises.

What are unionist politicians doing to make Scotland more British!

3. We Need Pro-UK Policies to 'Nudge' our Support Up

Are unionist politicians at Holyrood and Westminster shaping all their policies as much as possible for the good of our precious British Union, and to "nudge" voters towards becoming more pro-British, towards being happy to be British, and towards feeling British and viewing themselves as British, as well as Scottish?

For instance, in the area of defence policy, one of the ways in which the Scots have traditionally expressed their pride in being both Scottish and British is through the British Armed Forces, and in particular through the Scottish regiments of the British Army.

Should some of the Scottish infantry regiments be revived? For example, should there be a London military tattoo, where local regiments from Scotland, the regions of England, Wales and Ireland are represented?

What are unionist politicians doing to create policies throughout the UK which bring us closer together instead of driving us further apart?

4. Use Brexit to Boost Britain

Brexit must be an opportunity to encourage larger numbers of Scots to think of themselves as British and believe in Britain. Are unionist politicians thinking about this? About a third of SNP supporters voted to leave the EU.

Once Brexit gets underway a vision for Britain would generally focus on Britain coming together to make this work, Britain re-establishing strong relationships with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world, and Britain being still, obviously, committed to the peace and prosperity of Europe through the Nato alliance.

What are unionist politicians doing to develop the opportunities which Brexit presents to all of the UK?

5. Importance of Long-Term Unionist Strategy

What proactive plans do unionist politicians have for getting the 45% down to 35% and then down to 25%? Or is the policy just to wait until the SNP fail, if they fail?

Our organisation, A Force For Good (AFFG) has consistently had an aim to see the percentage of our support rise from 55% to 65% and beyond, and all our activity is directed towards that end.

But we hear nothing about this sort of strategy from any unionist politicians.

Unless the British government, unionist politicians in Scotland and throughout the UK, and ordinary lovers of Britain everywhere, can, by indirect and direct means, and by subtle and not so subtle means, enthuse the Scots for Britain again, and for expressing their Scottish patriotism alongside and through Britishness – then the 45% may never go down!

What are unionist politicians doing to develop such a strategy?

In that regard, please check out these 4 major Speeches by AFFG (published at our Legacy site) for plenty of good strategy and policy suggestions (links open in a new tab):

If you like that we have an clear agenda to defeat Scottish Nationalism and stand proudly for the value of the United Kingdom, then remember that we can't do it without you! You can...

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