Unionist Politicians It's Time to Get the Finger Out!

Union Jack in Edinburgh 18-5-18

I'm a concerned voter who loves Scotland and Britain, and who is writing to various sympathetic politicians to express my concerns regarding Scottish Nationalism and the response to it.

This is not meant as criticism of any politician or party in particular, but of the general party-political unionist response to the current resurgence in nationalism generally.

In this regard, I would like to highlight a number of concerns I have with "the way things are going".

1. Over-Emphasis on Devolution (and Federalism)

The emphasis on devolution as a unionist strategy does not seem to be asking, as an essential part of the devolutionary situation, how that devolution is to be "bedded-down" in an integrated British context.

It is necessary to ask this so as not to threaten the Union and the integrity of the United Kingdom in the face of aggressive nationalism; and to prevent nationalists and a nationalist government from using devolution to "make" Scotland, as much as possible, a "foreign country".

What are unionist politicians doing to make for settled and stable devolution in a Briti