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AFFG Continues to Make Waves

Yesterday the Sunday Herald published an unprecedented 3-page article attempting to justify its picture of our A Force For Good (AFFG) activists on Union Street the week previously, which showcased our Union Flags as the ScotNats passed by.

Sunday Herald 6-5-18 showing AFFG's Activists

THAT picture caused the CyberNat Twittersphere to go into meltdown.

And they're still puddling about the floor in a state of molten animation!

Hundreds of outraged comments have poured vitriol against the newspaper, all the way from the nutty wing of the CyberNats to the "mainstream" nationalists.

For example, the following is typical of the comments...

Even Alex Salmond tweeted on 13 May that he had cancelled his subscription last week "after the truly bizarre coverage of the Indy march in Glasgow."

Alex Salmond cancels Sunday Herald Tweet 13-5-18

Angus MacNeil MP re-tweeted a claim that if it "does go under, it only has itself to blame."

Angus MacNeil Retweet 13-5-18

Facing a potentially life-threatening boycott from its core readership, it is not surprising that the Sunday Herald devoted 3 pages of damage control yesterday.

But why should it have to do that?

It simply published an attractive, dynamic photograph of the march, replete with colourful evidence of both sides of the argument! It simply behaved like a normal newspaper.

Its crime though, in the eyes of its "readership" is that it had the audacity to publish a picture of the Flag of the United Kingdom being flown enthusiastically on the streets of a British City - indeed on Union Street, in the Great Union City of Glasgow.

Nothing in this Crazy Reaction Surprises Us!

Unfortunately, for the Sunday Herald, this sort of retarded reaction is the risk you run when you market your paper directly at a demographic which expects it to read like an SNP Press Release!

It is the risk you run when you try to entertain a "readership" who believe that any deviation from the "party line" is not to be tolerated.

It is the risk you run when you attempt to entertain a fundamentally intolerant political demographic.

ScotNats are Intolerant and Hateful towards the British Flag and Identity

The extent of the outrage openly demonstrates something we already know:

As seasoned watchers of all shades of ScotNatism we know we have to go a long way to find another group of people more intolerant of other people's opinions!

They are uniquely intolerant of the British Flag, and the British people who identify with it; intolerant to the point of trying to destroy a newspaper which supports independence if it has the audacity to display the Flag in its own pages!

Consider this: If they are prepared to boycott a newspaper which supports independence – because it has a picture of Union Jacks on its front page – imagine how they would behave if Scotland was actually "independent".

It's a serious question.

Would they even allow other newspapers to exist?

Would they allow the British Flag to be flown anywhere?

Would they allow any expression of British Identity whatsoever?

We already suspect we know the answer to that one!

For our part, we're proud that our work continues to expose the intolerance of the ScotNats.

If you like what our group A Force For Good (AFFG) is achieving in the Scottish political field, then help us...

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