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A Force For Good AGM: 2018

Alistair McConnachie and our All For One Banner

A Force For Good held its 2nd AGM at a prestigious Glasgow city-centre venue on Saturday 27 January 2018, from 2-5pm. We released our first Annual Report, which includes details of our first financial Tax Year. You can download a PDF by left clicking on this link. Report of the proceedings published below on 31 January 2018.


WELCOME There were 19 present, including 6 members of our team who spoke. The first half of the Meeting looked back on 2017 and the second half looked forward to 2018 and beyond. The Secretary, Alistair McConnachie, noted that A Force For Good (AFFG) was founded on 21 March 2012 – almost 6 years ago – and was incorporated with Directors on 27 April 2016. He drew attention to our new Roller Banners which decorated the background. They are based upon the slogan "All for One-One for All" from the Alexander Dumas novels (The Three Musketeers, which was followed by The Four Musketeers). Indeed our "Four Musketeers" are Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. And in that regard, we like the "swashbuckling" connotations of this slogan, which fit our Unique Selling Point as an Action-Orientated (as well as Philosophy-Based) campaigning organisation. He also drew attention to our A2 Posters, including our 2 most recent posters which are based upon a photograph of the Union Jack above Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond, and another based on a photo of the Kelpies when the Queen came to open a new piece of the Canal on 5 July 2017. These are for sale at £10 each (see below). ANNUAL REPORT He drew attention to our first Annual Report – the first we've produced after our first full set of Company Accounts. It was suggested from the floor that the high-quality presentation of the Annual Report was helping to "revolutionise our image" and the document will look especially good when we publish it in hard-copy! STREET ACTIONS Going through the Annual Report, Alistair spoke about some of our 12 Street Actions of 2017, and the importance of filming two of those via Facebook Live – which had allowed us to reach over half a million people. He also referenced the Written work that we've done, as well as the Campaigning Materials which we have produced. He pointed out how our activism had "influenced the mainstream media news stories" in at least two important cases, including the highly successful "Govanhill Posters" stunt. This was timed specifically to confound Nicola Sturgeon's "Second Referendum" debate in Holyrood, during the 3-day period in which our story ran throughout the UK – including on national ITV! Furthermore, pictures of our stunts in previous years, 2015 and 2016, were still appearing in the media today, including two examples in the previous week. For example see the Times Online report (25-1-18 pic of Alistair on the Buchanan Gallery Steps on 4-5-16).

Alistair on the Buchanan Gallery Steps on 4-5-16