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13,000 on COP26 March in Glasgow on 6-11-21

Part of the AFFG Team in Glasgow on 6-11-21 to document an exact count of the march through the city centre.

"Thank Goodness A Force For Good is here to report the truth!" Someone said that to us today after we revealed the true number of marchers through Glasgow on Saturday 6th November 2021, was 13,000 and not the "100,000" which the media is reporting.

As of Sunday 7th November 2021, some media outlets are prefacing their claim by saying, "Organisers claim 100K…" while others simply report it as fact.


Alarm bells starting ringing in the AFFG office on 15 October 2021 when we read the front page of The Daily Telegraph which stated that "Up to 100,000 people are expected to march through Glasgow on Nov 6, as part of a 'Global Day of Action'".

Knowing the march routes in Glasgow, and knowing how long it takes to walk them, we knew that the figure of "100,000" was just insanity on stilts because "100,000" people walking from Kelvingrove Park, down West George Street, along the north of George Square, and out to the High Street and Glasgow Green would take hours and hours to pass any given point.

(Note we are not referring to the time it takes for one person to walk the entire route, but the time it takes for the march to pass a given counting point.)

Depending upon the density and speed of the march, and the width of road, a march can, at best, pass a given point on this route at 200 a minute, or up to 250, for short periods – although a march along this route usually averages out at 100-120 a minute.

Using even the top estimate of 250 a minute consistently passing a given counting point – which is awfully dense and fast, and unrealistic – a march of 100,000 would take 400 minutes or almost 7 hours to pass a given point. We knew that was not going to happen!

However, it was clear that the media had decided, well before the event, that "100,000" was going to be the figure they would use.

We noticed it again on the front page of the Metro (29-10-21) which stated, "more than 100,000 people are expected to join a mass protest in the city planned for November 6, dubbed the global day for climate justice."

Therefore, we knew we had to be there to:

1. Get footage of the entire march passing a given counting point from beginning to end so we would have an exact time.

2. Use the video as physical and incontrovertible evidence of the time the march takes to pass a given point, and the numbers which are on it.

3. Count and publicise the numbers on the march so that, at least, the truth would be out there.

4. Have evidence to present to the mainstream media to prove our point.


Our point is to properly investigate and report the reality – not the inflated figures of elements of the mainstream media; and to prove that these elements of the mainstream media are not reporting reality correctly; and to prove that some in the mainstream media are deliberately inflating figures in order to push an agenda.

Please note, the nature of the march itself is beside the point, as far as discovering the truth of the numbers is concerned. Indeed, AFFG is sympathetic to some of the concerns of some of the groups on the march.

Therefore, a small team from AFFG spent Saturday 6th November 2021 in this vital and important work.

We have released the raw video footage – which we took – of the entire march, from the beginning to the end, as it passes our counting point. You can see it on our YouTube page here>

Let's highlight some significant moments on the timeline…

TIMELINE (numbers refer to the time on the video)

1.00 minute: The march begins – and our count begins – at the 1.00 minute in the video when ladies dressed in red pass our counting point (the lamppost in the middle of the video) at 2.01pm. There is then a lull until the main body of the march arrives. There are a lot of lulls in this video.

6.20: The main part of the march, marshalled by police officers, starts to pass our counting point.

10.15: We are asked to move to the top of the ramp by a station official. We keep the camera focused on the road. Our new counting point is the black traffic light pole.

30.10: A Scottish nationalist group (not AUOB) pass the counting point.

41.35-50.00: The march is held up by a drumming group for 8 and a half minutes. We continue to count people who are moving past the march on both pavements if they look like they are part of the march. At this point, that is quite a few.

1hr.33.00: After an hour and a half the march really starts to thin out, with long gaps between small groups of people.

2.02.55: The Scottish nationalist group AUOB make an appearance. They are the second group from the end.

2.09.15: The march effectively ends, but we keep the video running until the two police motorcycles and police car pass our counting point.

2.11.27: The two police motorcycles and police car pass our counting point, we stop counting, Alistair addresses the camera, and we switch off after 2 hours, 12 minutes and 39 seconds.


- We count everyone who is walking down the road, and everyone on both sides of the pavement who look like they are part of the march. The presumption is that they are part of the march.

- We count them in batches of 100, and we make a note on a pad at every "100" reached. At the end of the march we add them all up, and as it happens we counted 13,000 precisely.


We do not make any claims that anyone else will reach that exact figure, but it will be in this approximate ballpark.

Indeed, it is not even necessary to count all the people to realise that the media is talking nonsense.

The false claim of "100,000" is simply disproved by the fact that this video shows that the march lasts for just over 2 hours (from the very beginning at 1 minute into the video, to the police vehicles at the end, it is 2hrs 10 mins).

For 100,000 to pass in 130 minutes, they would need to be passing our counting point at a consistent 769 people a minute from the beginning to the end, non-stop!

Clearly they are not!

And physically that would not even be possible!

So, we are left with the questions:

- Why are large elements of the mass media uninterested in reporting the truth? We've shown that it's easy to get an exact count.

- Why is A Force For Good the only media outlet in the entire world who did this yesterday?

- Why does the mainstream media report crazy figures without any evidence to prove their point?

- Do they think we are stupid?

At least, "Thank Goodness, A Force For Good is here" to do the proper investigative work and to report the truth!

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