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Our magazine Union Heart was launched in Campbeltown on 27 July 2019.


You can buy all 9 back issues (to date) as a discounted Bumper Pack (reduced from £31 to £27).


Issues 1-3 are 8 pages each, and normally retail at £2 each. We're running short of them and so they are only available to purchase via this offer. Issue 4 is 40-pages (normally £5), Issue 5 is 20-pages (normally £5), Issue 6 is 12-pages (normally £3.50), Issue 7 is 12-pages (normally £3.50), as is Issue 8. Issue 9 is 16-pages (normally £4.50).



Issue 1 "Scotland Said No", Summer 2019.


Issue 2 "Sturgeon Gets Telt", Winter 2019/20.


Issue 3 "Switch Off Sturgeon", Winter 2020/21.


Issue 4 "Do More Together", Autumn 2021 (normally £5).

This is a 40-page Special Policy Edition detailing 102 ways to keep the UK united.


Issue 5 "Ten Years Strong", Spring 2022 (normally £5).

This is a 20-page Special Collector's Edition, which was launched at our 10th Anniversary Celebration on 19 March 2022, and which details our 10-year history.


Issue 6 "Happy and Glorious", Summer 2022 (normally £3.50).

This is a 12-page special Platinum Jubilee Edition, launched to celebrate the monarchy.


Issue 7 "Busting Indy Myths!", Winter 2022/2023 (normally £3.50).

This is a 12-pager and volume one in a series which debunks the Scottish nationalist party notions.


Issue 8 "Union of Crowns!", Spring 2023 (normally £3.50).

This 12-pager is an educational and cultural special, commemorating and celebrating the 420th Anniversary of the Union of the Crowns. Contains lots of unusual unionist information!


Issue 9 "King and Country!" Autumn 2023 (normally £4.50).

This 16-pager is dedicated to Scotland and the Monarchy and we bring out a lot of valuable and little-known info about this fantastic institution and its relationship to Scotland and the wider UK. It's a must read!


Cost includes post and packing in the UK.


(Foreign orders, please contact us for a postage cost.)


Alternatively, you can buy Issue 4, "Do More Together" separately on this page for £5


and Issue 5 "Ten Years Strong" separately on this page for £5


and Issue 6 "Happy and Glorious" separately on this page for £3.50.


and Issue 7 "Busting Indy Myths!" separately on this page for £3.50.


and Issue 8 "Union of Crowns!" separately on this page for £3.50.


and Issue 9 "King and Country!" separately on this page for £4.50.


Please remember that Issues 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, and all future magazines are FREE on request to our Union Supporters contributing £3 or more a month. You can become a Union Supporter at this page from as little as 0.69p a week (£3 a month).

Union Heart 9-Issue Bumper Pack

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