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Our magazine "Union Heart" is available FREE on request to our monthly donors who sign-up via our "Union Supporters" programme at this page or via PayPal here.


However, it is also available to purchase for £4 inc p+p in the UK, via the button on this page.


It is volume 2 of our series which digs into, dismantles, and debunks the most popular separatist notions. In 12, full-colour pages, we've collected 10 more of our "Busting" answers, in response to some of the stupidest things which separatists say!


Volume 1 of this series can be bought at our Shop here.


You can also buy all 10 back issues for a discounted price of £30 here.

Indy Myths Busted (Vol 2 of B.I.M.)

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