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Issue 8 is out now. It is being sent FREE to all the monthly "Union Supporter" donors who have requested to be put on the magazine mailing list.


In this unusual and unique magazine, we celebrate and commemorate the 420th Anniversary of the Union of the Crowns when the Scots King James became also the King of England and declared himself King of Great Britain.


As part of our on-going efforts to "Tell the British Story", we show how the "Idea of Britain" really got started, politically, with James's accession. He set the scene for the UK we know today.


In this 12-page mag we:

- Describe "The Happy Connection of Two So Mighty Nations";

- Publish the Family Tree from Bruce to Charles III;

- Explain the links between the Tudors and the Stuarts, which formed the basis of the Union;

- Remember James's mother, Mary Queen of Scots;

- Dedicate two pages to the wisdom of "The British Solomon";

- Detail the unifying attempts of this "Man on a Unionist Mission";

- Show that "A Scotsman invented the Union Jack"

- Conclude with toasting "The Union Jack For Ever".


Lots of interesting references and information is delivered in an easy-to-read and accessible manner. We're very pleased with this issue and you will be too!


If you'd like a free copy then you can become a Union Supporter for only 0.69p a week (£3 a month) here.


And if you are a monthly donor but you're not on our magazine mailing-list, then please request to be added.


Otherwise, you can buy your copy via the button on this page. 


A4; full colour; price includes post and packing in the UK. 


You can also buy this issue as part of a complete and discounted Back Issue set here.

Union of Crowns Anniversary Issue

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