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"Busting Indy Myths!" is the 7th issue of our magazine Union Heart. It is the first in a series which debunks the Scottish Nationalist Party notions.


It comes out of our weekly Show, "Good Evening Britain!" where we have a regular "Busting" section. 


It is 12-pages, full-colour, and dismantles 10 of the notions around a second separation referendum.


Buy your copy today!


Price includes post and packing in the UK.


Please note, each new copy of Union Heart is available absolutely free to monthly Union Supporters. You can become a monthly Union Supporter at the link here. Donating monthly and being able to request our magazines FREE, is a really good deal! 


You can also get it as part of our discounted 7-back issue set here.

Busting Indy Myths Vol. 1

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