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Issue 9 is out now, and it's being sent FREE to all the monthly "Union Supporter" donors who have requested to be put on the magazine mailing list.


It's entitled "King and Country" and it's a Special Edition to celebrate the Coronation Year.


In 16-pages we:


- Describe the Role of the Monarch;

- Publish the Family Tree from Bruce to Charles III;

- Explain how the Sovereignty of the People links to the Sovereignty of the King;

- Look into the Royal Numbering with regard to Scotland, and we develop our new "United Kingdom" numbering style;

- Highlight the relationship of British Monarchy to Christianity;

- Educate about the British National Anthem;

- Show that Scotland has ALWAYS been a Monarchy;

- Investigate the "legendary" Kings of Scotland;

- Take a comprehensive deep dive into how the Monarchy is funded. We show it makes a profit;

- Suggest pro-UK Policies to celebrate the Monarchy.


And our centre double-page is an amazing illustrated poster of all the Kings and Queens of Scotland going back to Robert the Bruce! You've never seen anything like this content before!


We've produced another highly unique publication and we're very pleased with the way it's turned out.


If you'd like a free copy then you can become a Union Supporter for only 0.69p a week (£3 a month) here.


If you are a monthly donor but you're not on our magazine mailing-list, then please request to be added.


Otherwise, you can buy your copy via the button on this page.  


A4; full colour; price includes post and packing in the UK.


You can also buy this issue as part of a complete and discounted Back Issue set here.


God Save the King!

Union Heart Coronation Edition

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