Result of AFFG v Evening Times Press Complaint

Alistair McConnachie on our Thin Red Line, Glasgow 11-1-20

Many people are outraged at the extent to which the Scottish Nationalists deliberately lie about the numbers which appear on their marches.

It is a fact that without A Force For Good diligently attending these events, standing up for the United Kingdom, and filming and counting the marchers, then the truth would never be known, and complete lies would be written into history, and the truth would be completely unavailable.

Unfortunately, here in Scotland, we also face a mainstream media which seems to have given up on trying to report, much less find, the truth!

Back on 11 January this year, the nationalist group "All Under One Banner" held a march through Glasgow. AFFG was there, and we filmed and counted them at 10,156, passing in 84 minutes. You can see our video evidence here.

Of course, the SNP-supporting march organisers pretended there was 80,000 people. This figure was reported without challenge in several newspapers and on the television.

For example, Ian Blackford SNP MP repeated the "80,000" lie on BBC 2's Daily Politics (14-1-20) without being questioned on it by the presenter, Jo Coburn.

When we opened the Glasgow Evening Times on Monday 13 January and saw another hugely misleading headline, we decided to do something about it.