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An Open Invitation to Scotland's Prime Minister to Join our Thin Red Line

Scotland's Prime Minister

An Open Letter to Scotland's Prime Minister

An Invitation to Join our Thin Red Line in Glasgow on 11 January 2020

Dear Prime Minister

A Force For Good is Scotland's primary pro-UK campaigning organisation. We do not support any political party. We have supporters who are members of all parties and none.

We were established in 2012 and for the last 2 and a half years we have met the Scottish nationalist marches with our colourful Red, White and Blue "Counter Presence". At these events, we have upwards of 40 people with us. We call ourselves The Thin Red Line because we are outnumbered, but we have courage and we will prevail.

We also film the marchers and count them meticulously. We give the lie to their absurdly inflated figures. For example, they claimed over 200,000 when they marched in Edinburgh on 5 October 2019. We counted them in at 11,286. You can find footage of our events on our channel

The Scottish nationalists are marching again in Glasgow on Saturday 11 January. They are doing so in order to protest your democratic result and to call for another separation referendum. It occurs to us that you may, in your capacity as Scotland's Prime Minister, have something to say to them.

We extend an invite to you, in your capacity as Scotland's duly elected Prime Minister, to join with us and to address the passing marchers using our platform and PA system.

Why should you do this? You are Scotland's Prime Minister and you believe in the Union. Your opponents are trying to de-legitimise your position as Scotland's Prime Minister, in an effort to turn people against the Union. So it is necessary for you to impress yourself upon the scene as soon as possible.

You need to stand up publicly in Scotland for your legitimate role, and for the Union, and for the people who support it.

Consider the advantages. You will have no better opportunity.

1. With us, you will be in a dynamic, non-party environment, being seen to take your opposition head on – lancing the boil as it were. You will be showing that you are proud to be Scotland's Prime Minister, and that you are happy to stand up for the Union, and to speak for the majority who support it.

2. Visually, you will be surrounded by colourful British flags, held by patriotic Scottish unionists.

3. This action is suited perfectly to your flamboyant character. It will make great publicity worldwide. Your reputation in Scotland will only stand to gain (on all sides)!

What are your alternatives, if you want to be seen to stand up for the Union?

a) Sitting in a TV studio being interviewed by a hostile SNP-supporting interviewer who is trying to make a fool of you?

b) A staged photo-op with a small gathering of party supporters in an anonymous shed in the middle of nowhere?

c) In the premises of a sympathetic business person, who will then be subjected to an organised nationalist boycott of his or her business?

None of these is good. However, we have an ideal, ready-made, non-party platform for you. There is no other realistic possibility if you want to be seen to be serious in Scotland.

After all, your party in Scotland is not going to organise its own march or rally or outdoor activity for you, and if it did then it would be immediately compromised as a party political event.

As we emphasise, A Force For Good is not a party political organisation. We extend this invite to you in your capacity as the Prime Minister, and we would do so regardless of who the incumbent of the Office might be.

This is because we want to ensure that whoever is the British Prime Minister has the opportunity to make his mark as Scotland's Prime Minister too. We want to ensure that the Prime Minister for all of the United Kingdom will stand up proudly in the streets of Scotland – as befits his Office – even in the face of his loudest opposition; to speak for all of us who believe in the British Union, and to persuade those who do not.

Most respectfully

Alistair McConnachie

Secretary and Director, on behalf of the Directors of A Force For Good

Published on our Website aForceForGood.UK/blog and on our

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages /UKaForceForGood on 4-1-20.

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