Scotland is already a Self-Determining Nation

Alistair McConnachie and AFFG in Edinburgh 5-10-19


We regularly see and hear SNP MPs and MSPs and others promoting the line that "Independence is about our right to self-determination". The Deputy Leader of the SNP, Keith Brown said these very words in The National (12-10-19, p.4).

It is one of the common themes which the SNP repeats over and over in an attempt to make them "sink in" and become part of the consciousness and world-view of those who support the SNP, and of those they are seeking to persuade.

We understand "self-determination" to mean "the power of a population to decide its own government and political relations or of an individual to live his own life" (Chambers 20th Century).

On that definition, Scotland is already a self-determining nation.

The people of Scotland are already a sovereign and self-determining people.