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Unionists Stand up to Nats in Edinburgh!

We had a great Unionist turnout in Edinburgh today as our volunteers rallied to stand up to the Scottish nationalists from All Under One Banner - the marching wing of the SNP. Our message is clear - there is no mandate for another unwanted, divisive referendum.

We held our Thin Red Line as the nationalists marched past, and suffered the usual abuse from the marchers as they shuffled along. They didn't seem to like our posters which exposed their fantasy figures from their marches so far this year. We made sure to have them on prominent display!

We were able to do this because we video all of their marches from clear vantage points and count them one-by-one. We're doing this again in Edinburgh today and our count will be released over the next 24 hours.

We're so proud of our activists for putting on such a bold and colourful display. We were delighted to bring some Red, White and Blue to the streets of Edinburgh - a great Unionist city!

If you value our vital work to stand up to the nationalists and Maintain the Union you can support us with a one-off donation or sign up as one of our valued Union Supporters from just £1.15 per week. If you can't stand with us on the streets this is a great way to help us 'keep up the good work' as we campaign to Keep Britain United.

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