838 ScotNats at Dunfermline March 31-8-19

838 ScotNats at Dunfermline march 31-8-19

A Force For Good counted the Scottish Nationalist 'Forward as One' march in Dunfermline on Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 838 as they passed our Thin Red Line at the bottom of the High Street.

Director of A Force For Good, Alistair McConnachie said:

"We are Scotland's premier pro-UK campaign and advocacy organisation. We attend all these Scottish Nationalist events. Our colourful 'Thin Red Line', flies the Union Jack high for everyone who loves the United Kingdom and wants to stay British!

"We remind them of the benefits of solidarity over separation, and of course we count them so they can't get away with exaggerating their numbers.

"We counted them last year, as they passed us at the same point. In 2018, there were 429 marchers. This year they had 838 (not including those on motorcycles or in cars), and were more aggressive. We must point out that the organisers definitely need to improve their marshalling ability!"

For example, this video shows one of their over-excitable ScotNats being told to "Stand back please" by AFFG's Chief Marshal, and then having to be kept back by 3 Police Officers!

It also shows the pathetic behaviour of one of their quote/unquote "Marshals" who appeared to think it was his job to look in the opposite direction of the actual March and make faces and gestures towards our Speaker, Alistair McConnachie throughout the event.