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838 ScotNats at Dunfermline March 31-8-19

838 ScotNats at Dunfermline march 31-8-19

A Force For Good counted the Scottish Nationalist 'Forward as One' march in Dunfermline on Saturday, 31 August 2019 at 838 as they passed our Thin Red Line at the bottom of the High Street.

Director of A Force For Good, Alistair McConnachie said:

"We are Scotland's premier pro-UK campaign and advocacy organisation. We attend all these Scottish Nationalist events. Our colourful 'Thin Red Line', flies the Union Jack high for everyone who loves the United Kingdom and wants to stay British!

"We remind them of the benefits of solidarity over separation, and of course we count them so they can't get away with exaggerating their numbers.

"We counted them last year, as they passed us at the same point. In 2018, there were 429 marchers. This year they had 838 (not including those on motorcycles or in cars), and were more aggressive. We must point out that the organisers definitely need to improve their marshalling ability!"

For example, this video shows one of their over-excitable ScotNats being told to "Stand back please" by AFFG's Chief Marshal, and then having to be kept back by 3 Police Officers!

It also shows the pathetic behaviour of one of their quote/unquote "Marshals" who appeared to think it was his job to look in the opposite direction of the actual March and make faces and gestures towards our Speaker, Alistair McConnachie throughout the event.

Here is one of the videos which we used to make our Count. It starts with cars, and the foot march begins at 4.42 and ends at 15.00 taking 10 minutes and 18 seconds to pass our Counting Point.

We Need You to Make the Move from Observation to Involvement

The SNP and the Scottish Nationalists think that time and events are moving in their favour. We aim to prove them wrong, but we need your help.

Join us on the Street:

You can join us at our upcoming Counter-Presence events in Perth, Saturday 7 September and in Edinburgh on Saturday 5 October 2019.

Enable us to Do what we Do

If you can't join us, then you can still be a hugely valuable and appreciated part of our efforts by donating financially...

Thank you so much!

Our Count Protocol

1- We count every adult on the road (unless they are simply crossing over the road)

2- Our presumption is always to be generous. We do not want to under-estimate. For example, if we can't tell if it is 1 or 2 people behind a flag, we go with 2. If we can't tell if it is 3 or 4, we go with 4, and so on.

3- We count people on the pavement only if they are clearly part of the march, such as dressed for the occasion/carrying a flag.

4- No children who look 14 or under are counted, since they are only there because their parents have brought them along. However, the video evidence usually shows that there are only a few of them anyway, so if you want to count them in too, you will find it doesn't make much difference to the overall figure.

5- The handful of Marshals standing next to AFFG, are added in.

6- We will indicate whether our figure includes the "Bikers".

Counting Tips

We count the entire march, head by head. You can do so too by occasionally pausing the video.

If you simply want to confirm that we are in the approximate ballpark, then here is what you can do: You can count several 1 minute periods at the beginning, middle and end of the march, find an average and multiply it by the number of minutes which the march lasts.

We don't expect anyone to get the exact figure which we counted, but everyone will find it is in our ballpark.

We know that ScotNats (and their media) lie regularly about their numbers. If you are a journalist, there is a story here! Please expose their lies. This website has several pages documenting their false numbers which you are free to use.

Finally, please share this page on social media! Let's get the truth out before more ScotNat lies take hold! And remember, we need your assistance, as below, if we are to keep up this good work>

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