Build Up the Scottish Office Again

AFFG Director, Alistair McConnachie outside the amazing entrance of the former Scottish Office. Pic AFFG 23-4-17.

The Scottish Office is now called the UK Government Scotland. Prior to devolution, it was based at the massive and imposing St Andrew's House in Edinburgh (pictured - now used as offices for the SNP/Green coalition administration). It is now a mere shadow of its former self, down-sized to a modest building at the corner of Melville Crescent.

The Scottish Office represents the British Parliament in Scotland. Diminish the Scottish Office and you diminish the idea of everything which the British Parliament represents in Scotland.

That is, you diminish the idea of Scotland having, and sharing, a wider British political structure.

Here is a way to make it relevant again, and with it, the fact of Scotland's wider British political structure.

But first...


'Devolution' means the transfer of either, all, or a combination of, administrative, legislative or executive power to institutions which are part of a larger State.

'Administrative' means the process of operating and managing laws and affairs.

'Legislative' means the process of making new laws.