A Declaration of Moral Principles for a Sustainable Immigration Programme

White Cliffs of Dover. Pic Wikipedia.

The front pages of the newspapers today are all about the "migrants" (actually, illegal immigrants) who have been "rescued" (actually, captured) in the English Channel in the past few days. Considering this, it is remarkable the extent to which the British political establishment, and many of us, lack the words to deal effectively with this matter.

After all these years, still too many of us are easily confused and silenced when confronted with aggressive "virtue signalling" from the Open Border advocates who attempt to seize the "moral high ground". This is because we don't have the Moral Vocabulary to deal with the matter.

Realising this problem, AFFG Director, Alistair McConnachie has produced this 30-Point "Declaration" which helps to position immigration-control policy within a clear set of fundamental Moral Principles, which counter the virtue-signalling, and false morality, of the Open Border advocates.


1. This is not a left wing/right wing thing.

These Moral Principles can be understood, accepted, articulated and acted upon, across the political spectrum.

2. We stand for freedom of speech, debate and enquiry, and the freedom to dissent from the prevailing political orthodoxy because we understand the truth emerges through the clash of competing ideas.

3. We have a moral obligation to speak out.

We are not morally bound to accept anything in silence.

4. It is moral to believe in the Nation-State, and in a world of distinct and diverse Nation-States.

5. It is moral to have a responsibility for the future. It is moral to care about the future of one's Nation-State.

This is our home. It's the only one we have. Most of us have nowhere else to go. It is moral to care about what kind of country our grandchildren will grow up in. It is moral to want our grandchildren to grow up in a country that our grandparents would recognise.

6. We affirm that everyone who is a British citizen, is staying here, and won't be leaving except by their own free will.


7. National Self-Determination is the moral right of every People.

Every People which considers itself to be a People, have the