AFFG Doorsteps Anti-British Sedition Centre

Alistair McConnachie outside the Sedition Centre in Cupar Pic: AFFG 30-11-18

We've known about the Sedition Centre in Cupar for several months now. It calls itself by the deliberately-deceptive name "The Crossgate Centre", as if it is just another "normal shop" in the Crossgate in Cupar, rather than the actual Anti-British SNP Propaganda Outlet which it is!

This group is so anti-British, it actually helped lead the charge against the separatist-supporting Sunday Herald, when that paper merely posted a photograph of our AFFG activists with Union Jacks on its front page!

That's how much they hate Britain. They actively campaigned to destroy their own Sunday Herald because it included a photograph of AFFG and our Union Jacks on its front page on 6 May 2018.

How mad is that! Here are a couple of their bonkers Tweets from that time...

Fanatical Tweet from the Sedition Centre

The paper was to eventually close down as a result of it being boycotted by fanatics such as these. We wrote about that here.