AFFG Interviewed by Major European Newspaper

Brexit Flag

A Force For Good was interviewed this week by a major European newspaper on the matter of Scotland, the EU and Brexit. Here are our Preparation Notes – some of which explain First Principles for the benefit of newcomers to the debate.


Understanding "The United Kingdom" as one Nation-State

The UK is made up of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales united together politically into one Unitary Nation-State.

The SNP want to break it up and remove Scotland from it. That's what they mean when the talk about "Scottish Independence".

We call them the separatists because they want to separate Scotland from the rest of the UK.

The opposite of Scottish Separatism is British Unionism.

We are British Unionists. We believe that together Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales are also one Nation – a Nation of Unions, a Nation of Families – and must remain one Nation.

Britain is not a Federal State

Some people abroad may be under the mistaken notion that Britain is a Federal State, with 4 "sovereign" nations agreeing to cooperate. The SNP is also keen to promote that misunderstanding.

This misu