A Force For Good may Bring Down the Sunday Herald

A Force For Good on front page of Sunday Herald

Is A Force For Good responsible for the imminent collapse of the Sunday Herald?

It sure looks like it!

It has been obvious for the last 3 months that the Sunday Herald is in serious trouble.

It's certain that it does not have a viable future in its current format.

Now, according to this article on the Guardian website today, 14 August 2018 it looks like it may merge with the daily Herald newspaper; drop its "independence" line altogether; and change its title in order to reach a broader audience.

Indeed, that would be the sensible thing to do. (Alternatively, but far less likely, it will become the Sunday edition of the already-struggling National.)

The Guardian article traces one of the Sunday Herald's major problems back to the photograph which it ran on its front page of our A Force For Good counter-presence at the Nat March on 5 May 2018 in Union Street, Glasgow (above).

Yes...the photograph!

Virtually its entire readership had a week-long Twitter Meltdown about it, which was both hilarious, but instructive and horrifying, to watch.

The fundamentalism on display was deeply concerning.

Even Alex Salmond tweeted that he had cancelled his subscription!