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The world needs this information! 


Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals was compiled by our Founder, Alistair McConnachie, and the 2nd edition was published in 2009. It's 40-pages, A4, stapled.


The 3rd edition of the Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Bill was published in 2011. The Bill is "good to go" and any government in the world could pick it up and run with it! It's 60 pages, A4, stapled.


They are as fresh today as they were then.


They are best purchased together. 


Cost includes postage in the UK.


If you would like this set outside the UK, then please contact us for a postage price. 


Clarifying can be bought separately here and the Bank of England Bill bought separately here but we recommend buying them as a Set.




A Report for the Tenth Bromsgrove Conference


Part One – The Basics you Need to Know
Our Attitude towards the Banking System
What is Money?                
How Banks Create Money    
Understanding the Bank of England    
How the National Debt is Created    
Recovering our Lost Seigniorage  

Part Two – Freedom from Debt Slavery
The Problem: A Debt-Based Money System    
The Solution: A Debt-Free Money System 


Part Three – Clarifying the Rowbotham Reform
The Rowbotham Reform: Publicly-Created Money
Publicly-Created Money: Considering some Effects    
Frequently Asked Questions on Publicly-Created Money    
How to Prevent Banks Expanding the Money Supply    


Part Four – Clarifying the Huber/Robertson Reform
The Huber/Robertson Reform: Seigniorage Reform    
Seigniorage Reform: Effects on Money Supply, Inflation and Interest Rates     
Frequently Asked Questions on Seigniorage Reform        
James Robertson Answers some Questions on Seigniorage Reform


Part Five – Miscellaneous on Money Reform
Why Money Reform will Prevent Inflation        
The Matter of Interest                    
The Democratic Imperative  


Appendix 1 – Glossary and Bibliography            
Glossary of Terms                    




1. Executive Summary – 34 paragraphs – an easy-read summary of the Bill's intentions and how it will work.


2. The Bill – 23 pages on how to make it work.

3. Explanatory Notes – 163 paragraphs which explain each section of the Bill in detail. This is an amazing education in itself.

4. Appendix 1 – The Banking and Deposit Taking System.

5. Appendix 2 – Questions and Answers.

Classic Money Reform Set of 2

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