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The time is right to again make available this Money Reform classic! 


The 3rd edition of the "Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Bill" was published in 2011. The Bill is "good to go" and any government in the world could pick it up and run with it! It's 60 pages, A4, stapled.


Price includes postage in the UK.


It is only available outside the UK when purchased with "Clarifying our Money Reform Proposals" here for a discount


Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Bill
1. Executive Summary – 34 paragraphs – an easy-read summary of the Bill's intentions and how it will work.


2. The Bill – 23 pages on how to make it happen.


3. Explanatory Notes – 163 paragraphs which explain each section of the Bill in detail. This is an amazing education in itself.

4. Appendix 1 – The Banking and Deposit Taking System.

5. Appendix 2 – Questions and Answers.

The Bank of England (Creation of Currency) Bill

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