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We started out in 2012 when we were formed to support the 'No' campaign in the independence referendum.


Since then we've expanded our operations massively to become one of the most active pro-UK organisations in Scotland.


We believe that Unionists should work together to defeat the SNP and stand up against another divisive referendum.


By promoting  a positive and heart-based case for our United Kingdom, we work to ensure Britain remains united and that the SNP will never tear us apart.


A second referendum remains a serious threat!


The SNP will use any excuse they can find to launch it.


That's why we believe we need to organise to defeat them now, to be an effective

voice of Authentic Unionism with plenty of Street Experience, Activists and Funders.


We work to raise support for the Union now. In 2014, 55% voted to keep the UK together. We work to raise that to 65% at least.


We work to ensure the SNP is unable to legislate for a second referendum.

It's time to stand up for unity and solidarity within our fantastic United Kingdom!


We publish high-quality, well-researched content to show the benefits of Union and to promote the United Kingdom as a Force For Good in the world.

While we highlight the dangers of separation, we focus on making positive arguments. Our work so far has developed a rich pro-UK philosophy that offers insight into constitutional, economic, historical and cultural perspectives on the Union.

We believe it is important to appeal to

hearts as well as minds, and this is central to our approach.


We started out by publishing unique and well researched articles which made a positive and heart-based case for Union.


Our activism now takes many forms. Our trademark is our colourful street activism, including our vibrant counter-demonstrations at nationalist marches. We want to show nationalists that we will not allow Scotland's silent Unionist majority to be intimidated ever again!


We also run highly active Social Media Campaigns, publish Leaflets and Booklets, deliver Speeches, liaise with the Media, respond to Official Government Enquiries on the Union and much more!


We leave no stone unturned in our campaign to maintain the Union!

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