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"Help the Side you're On" - Donate to our Crowdfunder

A Force For Good is a pro-UK unionist campaign group based in Glasgow, and we're proud to make the case for Scotland's vital place in our United Kingdom.

Our Summertime Crowdfunder – click here to donateis raising money for our Physical Activism throughout this summer until the end of the year; and to help grow our pro-UK Online Outreach especially via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

We're out every month, flying the flag for Britain at our "Jubilee" Street Stalls (pictures from Glasgow on Jubilee Saturday, 4-6-22).

We're filming and counting and recording the nationalist marchers to ensure they don't get away with their ridiculous exaggerations.

We prove – with clear video evidence – that they only get a fraction of the figures that they claim. For example, 773 in Glasgow (14-5-22) and not the "5 thousand" they pretended! This is massively valuable action.

We'll be holding our colourful counter-presence events to remind everyone that Scotland voted to stay in the UK, and we will continue to lead the unionist message online – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. And we're also publishing educational material about the UK and Britishness.

For example, we'll continue to produce our incredible written work. We've produced two editions of our 'Union Heart' magazine already this year, including a 12-page special edition on the Platinum Jubilee, the monarchy and Scotland which we are giving away FREE on all our Street Stalls!

At our Crowdfunder page, you can get all 6 issues so far (worth £19.50) absolutely free for a donation of £35 – if you click on the reward button on the right of our Crowdfunder page.


We're looking for funding to take us through a busy Summertime of action, and to the end of November.

We're looking for £2,500 (only £500 a month for July, August, September, October and November).

That's all we're asking for!

And how ironic that we launched this Crowdfunder on the day that the SNP was boasting about putting "£20 million" of our own British Taxpayers' money aside to campaign for another divisive referendum next year.

Well, we are pushing back. And we can make a small amount go a long way. We've proven that in our last 10 years of work, as detailed in our Ten Years Strong history of AFFG magazine!

We rely on the support of you – the Great British people who love the UK – to help us do this.

If you like what we do for the Union, if you like the fact that we're Keeping the British End Up in Glasgow and Scotland, and if you want us to keep doing this good work, then please "join the side you're on" by donating to this Crowdfunder.

As we always say, it feels good to make the move from passive Observation to active Involvement – and that's something you can do by simply giving money to the team you support!

A Force For Good is "doing" – physically and online.

We need your help to keep doing!

You can donate anonymously on our Crowdfunder if you prefer. You can also donate and claim a reward at the same time – by making your donation via one of the reward buttons on the right of the Crowdfunder page.


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