"Help the Side you're On" - Donate to our Crowdfunder

A Force For Good is a pro-UK unionist campaign group based in Glasgow, and we're proud to make the case for Scotland's vital place in our United Kingdom.

Our Summertime Crowdfunder – click here to donateis raising money for our Physical Activism throughout this summer until the end of the year; and to help grow our pro-UK Online Outreach especially via Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

We're out every month, flying the flag for Britain at our "Jubilee" Street Stalls (pictures from Glasgow on Jubilee Saturday, 4-6-22).

We're filming and counting and recording the nationalist marchers to ensure they don't get away with their ridiculous exaggerations.

We prove – with clear video evidence – that they only get a fraction of the figures that they claim. For example, 773 in Glasgow (14-5-22) and not the "5 thousand" they pretended! This is massively valuable action.

We'll be holding our colourful counter-presence events to remind everyone that Scotland voted to stay in the UK, an