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Debunking Separatist Myths 4: "Westminster has No Mandate"

Alistair McConnachie and A Force For Good's Thin Red Line in Aberdeen 17-8-19

Continuing our series which debunks the oft-heard Scottish Nationalist and SNP nonsense.

Example 1. They say: "Westminster has No Mandate"

A Force For Good does not support any particular political party, but we know that as a consequence of the General Election of 12th December 2019, the Parliament at Westminster has a mandate to govern the whole of the United Kingdom.

This is because all of Scotland took part in a United Kingdom election, and elected 59 MPs, none of whom are abstentionists, and all of whom have pledged allegiance to the Queen and have taken up their seats in the Great British Parliament.

We call this the "mandate for unity".

And as AFFG tweeted out on the 13th: "Congrats to the 59 MPs from Scotland who have been elected to our collective British Parliament, and who, by taking up their seats, will acknowledge the British Parliament's perfect right, duty and responsibility to stand up for our United Kingdom and to work to keep us together!"

We say: The fact is, as long as Scotland is part of the UK then Westminster's mandate runs throughout Scotland.

Example 2. They say: "We, the SNP, got 45% of the vote in the 2019 General Election in Scotland. The UK government has no mandate here."

The SNP acknowledge the right of the British Parliament and Government to govern in Scotland because they were elected to the British Parliament on a UK-wide election, and they willingly take their seats.

Furthermore, the SNP took less than 4% of the UK-wide vote. How does that give them a mandate to destroy the United Kingdom? Why are they holding the rest of the UK hostage? They have no right to destroy the UK based on a vote of less than one and a quarter million people [1,242,380]! What about the rights of everyone else in the UK?

Example 3. They say: "Boris has No Mandate or Right to [do anything in Scotland]"

The fact is he has a perfect right.

The United Kingdom went to the polls to elect a British Parliament and British Government and British Prime Minister. Most of Scotland took an active part in that effort with a respectable turnout of 68.1%. Boris and his party won. He is now the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. That means he is Scotland's Prime Minister too.

As Stephen Daisley wrote: "Scotland is part of that one nation and ought to be treated accordingly. He must think of himself as Scotland's Prime Minister and, while showing respect and courtesy to the First Minister, he should not be gulled into seeing her post as equal to his."

Stephen Daisley, "The Union in the age of Boris", 14-12-19 at

Moreover, the Conservatives are Scotland's second biggest party (which they've been since the 2016 Holyrood election, and the 2017 Westminster election). So, whatever you may think of Boris, he has a perfect democratic right to govern all the people of the UK including Scotland.

However, this would still be so, even if all the 692,939 people in Scotland who voted for Boris and made the Conservatives the second biggest party in Scotland, had not voted for him. His mandate as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would still run in Scotland because we are part of the United Kingdom.

Of course, this won't stop the SNP and its media and academia lackeys from talking about "no mandate".

For example, Tommy Sheppard SNP MP tweeted (16-12-19) that the Prime Minister's "mandate doesn't run in Scotland". This is very dangerous talk. It is saying that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom including Scotland, is illegitimate. This sort of talk is irresponsible and inflammatory.

We responded to Sheppard by tweeting: "The democratic mandate of the British Government + Parliament most certainly runs from the top of our United Kingdom to the bottom and from east to west. You even acknowledge this mandate for British unity by sitting in Westminster. Stop trying to destroy the peace of our Islands"

We say: Since this was a United Kingdom General Election then the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has a perfect mandate and right to govern Scotland.

Of course, he would have "no right" or "no mandate" if Scotland was no longer a part of the United Kingdom.

So, the only way the SNP and their supporters can get round this fact is to pretend that Scotland is already a "different" country. And we hear them say this...

Example 4. They say: "Scotland and England are now Two Different Countries"

So they are now trying to talk as if Scotland is already independent. The National newspaper even used the phrase "A different country" on its front page on 13th December, as if Scotland is already separate.

This is an attempt to break up the idea of us being one United Kingdom in our minds, prior to breaking it up in reality.

So, this is another Talking Point which we're going to be hearing a lot of – intended to lead and dominate debate. Many in the media will grasp onto this and continue to push and amplify this particular point and try to create a momentum for the SNP.

They will be helped in this by the anti-Boris, anti-Brexit and anti-British elements of the London media who will be only too delighted to try to use Scotland as a wedge to break up the UK, in order to punish Boris.

Remember that while the media in Scotland is scared of Sturgeon, a large part of the Metropolitan London Elite Bubble hates Boris, Brexit and Britain just as much as Sturgeon hates those things.

They are still enraged that a majority voted "the wrong way" in 2016. They hate the Conservatives and they are angry that Corbyn did not win. So remember they also have an agenda!

We say: The fact is, we're still part of one nation, the United Kingdom, and Scotland has elected 59 MPs to help govern this United Kingdom from our one central, common and collective British Parliament. Hence the mandate of our Parliament and Prime Minister runs throughout the UK.

You won't hear these points made as clearly and concisely anywhere else. Please help us keep making them, by becoming a monthly Union Supporter from a minimum of £1.15 a week (£5 a month) via Donorbox here

Debunking Separatist Myths Series:

Myth 4: "Westminster has No Mandate"

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