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Unionists Make a Stand in Perth

A Force For Good took on the Scottish nationalist marchers in Perth this afternoon. We refuse to allow them to claim Scotland's streets for themselves. We won't let a loud, aggressive nationalist minority shout down the Silent Unionist Majority.

Sturgeon is planning to use a snap General Election to push for another referendum on breaking up Britain, so it's vital we are there to stand up for the majority of Scots who don't want it. A decisive result was delivered in 2014, and Scotland Said No.

As always we greeted the nationalist marchers with a proud display of Red, White and Blue! We won't stop reminding them that most Scots are proud to be Scottish and British. You can check out some pictures of today's activism in the gallery below. If you value our crucial work to Maintain the Union, sign up as one of our treasured Union Supporters for just £5 per month. As a Union Supporter you will be entitled to receive our quarterly magazine, attend our socials and other events, and get the latest from Scotland's leading non-party campaign group.

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