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We Stood for the Union in Oban

Our brave volunteers stood up to the Scottish nationalist marchers once again in Oban today. Our colourful counter-demonstration greeted the ScotNats with a proud display of Red, White & Blue, and reminded them that Scotland is British!

The ScotNats are holding marches across Scotland this Summer to try to drum up support for a second referendum - but we will be there every step of the way to remind them that Scotland Said No to separation. The last thing we need is another divisive referendum! That's why it's so important we don't allow the ScotNats to claim the streets for themselves and dominate public spaces. We stand up for the Silent Unionist Majority against the aggressive tactics of the nationalist minority. We're so proud of the work our brave volunteers did in Oban today on our Thin Red Line. If you like what we do but can't be with us on the streets, you can support our vital work by chipping in with a donation or becoming one of our treasured Union Supporters for just £1.25 a week.

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