A Force For Good Holds Successful 3rd AGM

One of AFFG's Team Members raising a glass to our success this year. Pic AFFG 26-1-19

(Above: One of our AFFG Team Members raises a glass to our coming successes in 2019.

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Fourteen of our core Team Members gathered in a Glasgow city centre venue on Saturday 26 January for AFFG's 3rd Annual General Meeting.

Alistair McConnachie, one of our Directors, welcomed everyone. He mentioned that November had seen our "Union Social" attended by 35 people, where we had covered most of our necessary Reports, and so this would be a shorter affair.

Our 3 Directors agreed to continue for another year, the Minutes of the 2nd AGM were passed as a true report and the updated document detailing our Accounts for the Tax Year 17/18 was circulated. These were consequently submitted to Companies House and HMRC. In summary:


In our Tax Year 1 May 2017- 30 April 2018:

Income = 11,038

Expenditure = 12,873

Deficit (prior to funds carried over from 16/17) = (–1,835)

Surplus (after funds carried over from 16/17) = 1,940.