The UK is a Nation of Unions (not a union of nations)

The UK is a Nation of Unions not a union of nations

Central to the Scottish Nationalist frame of reference is that "the UK is not a country". Central to our belief as Unionists is that the UK (or Britain for shorthand) is indeed a country!

This essential difference usually means that Nationalists and Unionists are living and thinking and speaking in quite different realities.

We have to be aware of this, and be careful not to get into a "debate" where we are both speaking from utterly different premises.

Why do the SNP and their supporters believe and say such a thing?

Their aim is to de-legitimise the idea of the United Kingdom.

If they can pretend that the UK does not actually exist as a Nation-State then it is much easier to dismantle it and render it politically irrelevant.

To do this, the SNP push the idea of the UK being merely a political State; that is, a sort of convenient arrangement between different nations who agree to get along for the time being, but who are connected in no substantial way.

We disagree of course!

The UK is a Nation of Unions (not a union of nations)

There are two ways of looking at the United Kingdom. How you view and understand the UK "relationship" will lead you to different policies, which will lead you to different outcomes.

The first view is that it is a "union of nations". This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that the UK is merely a "conditional" arrangement.

That is, "so long as it works we can stay together, but if we go through a stormy patch then we need to break up and go our separate ways." This is a weak frame through which to view and understand the UK - although sometimes it may have its rhetorical uses. Unfortunately, it is the view which the MPs in the British Parliament predominantly articulate.

The second way - the way that we