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Our St Andrew's Day Weekend Tour of the Hubs of Hate (Part 2)

Alistair meets a well-wisher on Kirkcaldy High Street

After our visit to the Sedition Centre in Cupar, we continued our St Andrew's Day Weekend Tour of the Hubs of Hate with a visit the next day to Kirkcaldy's recently opened separatist-supporting Hub.

We've posted our Facebook Live broadcast on YouTube below.

Prior to setting up, a woman can be heard at the start of the video asking us if we "had anything better to do". This is one of the women who works in the Hub of Hate.

After listening to us explain the true figures at the Scottish Nationalists rallies, she stormed off in an angry huff (the truth hurts doesn't it), and promptly got in some bloke's car, whereupon they pulled up and shouted some abuse at us, before driving off (that can also be heard on the video).


The first thing we noticed as we approached the Hub was a press cutting in the window which was a blatant lie. It was the front page of The National newspaper of 7 October this year claiming that 100,000 marched in Edinburgh the day before.

Complete nonsense!

Our organisation A Force For Good attends all the SNP/ScotNat marches and we film them and count the numbers. You can go to the links below to learn the truth!

The Scottish Nationalists (and The National newspaper) claimed 14K at Inverness on 28 July. The real figure which we counted meticulously was 3,386.

They claimed 16K at Dundee on 18 August. The real figure which we filmed and counted was 3,538.

The Scottish media said 100,000 of them marched in Edinburgh on 6 October. We filmed them and counted them in at 12,789.

We've posted all our videos of these marches on the pages above, and we've written extensively on them, and we've explained our counting protocol.

All the news organisations here in Scotland get our facts loud and clear but not a single one of them report the truth about these numbers! They all go with the SNP lies. We shall see if this changes next year!

OUR LEAFLETING ON THE HIGH STREET and some of the points we made!

After making our points, we moved down onto Kirkcaldy High Street to leaflet for an hour.

Several members of the Hub came down to film us, follow us around, and ask questions, although they eventually got tired and left long before we had finished.

It was interesting to hear some of their points of view.

AFFG leafleting and explaining our points of view on Kirkcaldy High Street

'Food Banks' and Poverty

They seemed to have the view that the Union, specifically, is responsible for poverty. They use "Food Banks" as their analogy for poverty.

AFFG does not deny that there are economic problems throughout the UK leading to poverty in some areas. Indeed, Kirkcaldy High Street, in some ways, indicates that also. Business rents in Scotland are atrociously high, for example.

However, we believe these economic problems are more likely to be solved with inspired Britain-wide leadership, along with the combined economic power of all the UK backing it up, rather than Scotland going off on its own.

It was clear that there are also several fundamentally different ways of looking at things between them and us.

We say that Britain is a Nation. They disagree.

For example, one of the SNP activists which we spoke to did not accept that Britain is a nation.

He adopts the view that "Britain is a union of nations". This is understandable from his point of view because this view makes Britain easier to dismantle.

This incorrect view is held by all the major political parties. Under this view, Britain is just some sort of provisional, temporary, conditional arrangement which will last just so long as Scotland is happy with it.

However, under our much more stable constitutional view, Britain is a Nation of Unions forged through the centuries, and it is for everyone in Britain to have a say on its future. "One nation, indivisible", as we said.

That is a huge philosophical divide between them and us.

The 'Democratic Deficit'. Does it really exist?

They also emphasise the idea that "Scotland never gets what it votes for". This view is not true on its face. As we've shown in this article, "Scotland gets the Government it Wants at Westminster, Two out of Three Times".

In any case, those of us who believe in the United Kingdom do not see things obsessively as "Scottish voters v English voters", or "Scotland v the rest of the UK".

We see things in a unified British way. That means we see the "demos" (the people who vote) as being all the people of the UK together, and all the people of the UK always get what all the people of the UK vote for!

That's not to say, of course, that the system cannot be improved.

The Nature of Sovereignty!

One of them even raised the old Scottish Nationalist chestnut that "Scotland believes in the Ssovereignty of the People but England believes in the Sovereignty of Parliament".

This is an absurd constitutional interpretation, although we are aware that it has caught on among people who should know better, but who like it because it sounds romantic!

The fact is, Magna Carta of 1215 was the beginning of the idea of the sovereignty of the people. It long predates the Declaration of Arbroath of 1320, which could be said to be making the same sort of point.

In any case, what is being referred to here is two different kinds of sovereignty. If we understand "sovereignty" to mean "authority", then the Sovereignty of the People is the Democratic Sovereignty of the people to choose their parliament in the first place.

The Sovereignty of Parliament is the Legal Sovereignty necessary for the parliament to exercise the will of the people once it has assembled.

These are two necessary and complementary forms of sovereignty (authority), which are found in every modern democracy.

Front Page of The National

The National features us on its front page 4-12-18

An unexpected bonus was to see our Weekend Tour appearing on the front page of the separatist newspaper The National on Tuesday 4 December.

Naturally, the Sedition Centre – which we visited on St Andrew's Day – was enraged and released a "Statement" on Facebook and Twitter condemning The National for having featured us at all.

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