AFFG Doorsteps Anti-British Sedition Centre

Alistair McConnachie outside the Sedition Centre in Cupar Pic: AFFG 30-11-18

We've known about the Sedition Centre in Cupar for several months now. It calls itself by the deliberately-deceptive name "The Crossgate Centre", as if it is just another "normal shop" in the Crossgate in Cupar, rather than the actual Anti-British SNP Propaganda Outlet which it is!

This group is so anti-British, it actually helped lead the charge against the separatist-supporting Sunday Herald, when that paper merely posted a photograph of our AFFG activists with Union Jacks on its front page!

That's how much they hate Britain. They actively campaigned to destroy their own Sunday Herald because it included a photograph of AFFG and our Union Jacks on its front page on 6 May 2018.

How mad is that! Here are a couple of their bonkers Tweets from that time...

Fanatical Tweet from the Sedition Centre

The paper was to eventually close down as a result of it being boycotted by fanatics such as these. We wrote about that here.

Another Fanatical Tweet from the Sedition Centre

We may have left them to their divisive devices if it were not for the fact that we spotted something they did last month, which really appalled us.

Before we get into that, let us just tell you how our day of activism went down. It was part of our "St Andrew's Day Weekend Tour of the Hubs of Hate" (the other one is in Kirkcaldy and we'll report on that tomorrow).


AFFG affixes a Poster to "council property". Pic AFFG 3-12-18

When we arrived outside the Sedition Centre, we immediately strapped our poster to a pole on the pavement.

One of the blokes in the Sedition Centre – who must live in one of the cupboards full-time – stuck his head and a leg out the door, while keeping his other foot firmly entrenched within the comfort of the shop.

He objected somewhat pathetically: "I think you'll find that's council property and there are by laws against fixing things to it."

That was so funny that all 3 of our activists laughed out loud.

He then warned, "The council is only a phone call away."

That was even funnier!

Was he actually threatening to call the council to come and give us a talking-to?

Unfortunately for him – as one of our activists pointed out – even if he had phoned the council, it would still have taken them 6 weeks to arrive!

Anyway, we started up on the megaphone – and he can be seen in the first video posted below, storming out the Sedition Centre in a mad strop at 3.49.

We then spoke for 15 minutes along the lines of our notes below.


Then, after we'd finished our first talk, and while we were waiting a little while before starting up on our main theme of being "Scottish and British" (see below), a Police Van with 4 officers arrived.

Yes, the Sedition Centre actually called the cops on us! So bothered were they by our peaceful presence on the pavement, that they called the Police.

One of our AFFG activists at the "scene of the Sedition Centre Emergency" Pic AFFG 30-11-18

4 officers piled out the van. They were friendly and professional and they wanted to know what was going on. We were happy to tell them, and they were happy for us to continue after we explained what we were doing and how long we would be.

They also spent some time inside the Sedition Centre speaking to The Bloke who Lives in the Cupboard, who had returned and was looking very hot and bothered by all the excitement.

What this told us was that the people inside the Sedition Centre have never had anyone do what we did. W