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We took on the Nats in Dundee!

Our brave volunteers were out in action once again today, this time on the streets of Dundee, where we took on the Nat marchers.

As usual the Nats were marching for independence and another referendum, so we were proud to be there standing up for Scotland's Silent Unionist Majority.

We reminded the Nats that Scotland Said No, that we don't want another referendum, and that we will not allow them to bully or intimidate unionists and claim the streets for themselves. You can check out footage of our counter-demo on our Facebook page: Our speaker Alistair McConnachie made sure to remind the Nats about a few uncomfortable truths, including their dwindling numbers!

Our Union Heart Standard was on proud display once again, along with a great colourful display of red, white & blue!


LIKE WHAT WE DID IN DUNDEE? We're taking on the Nats wherever they go, and we've recently staged counter-demos at their marches across Scotland, including Glasgow, Inverness, Dumfries and Dundee. Our trademark counter-demos are just part of our broad pro-UK activism as Scotland's leading grassroots unionist campaign group. We also conduct research, article writing and produce top-quality pro-UK online content. We're leading the fightback against nationalism and to Keep Scotland British. If you can't be with on the streets, you can become a Union Supporter to help us in our campaign to stand up for Scotland's Silent Unionist Majority.

If you appreciate our amazing activism, like what we say (which you'll find nowhere else), and value our work, please consider becoming a monthly 'Union Supporter' from as little as £1.15 a week (£5 a month) via Donorbox - no need for a Donorbox account - or via PayPal or GoCardless via the links on this page.

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