A Force For Good Letter to Sunday Herald

A Force For Good on Union Street 5-5-18

Our fantastic activism at the ScotNat march on Saturday 5 May continues to influence the Scottish political scene, even into a third week!

For example, yesterday's "Sunday Politics Scotland" BBC programme (20-5-18) reported on the continuing fall-out between the Sunday Herald and its separation-supporting readership; a fall-out which seriously threatens the paper's continuing financial viability.

This is all because the newspaper published an excellent photograph of our activists waving Union Flags on Union Street as the march passed us.

As a result, a huge element of their readership went ballistic.

In addition, the STV programme, "Scotland Tonight" had an earnest discussion on the 14 May about the fall-out. It was a debate between a nationalist who said the Sunday Herald picture was terrible, and a journalist defending it (but not from a unionist position).

In other words, the unionist position – which is basically that there is a unionist position in the first place – was excluded entirely.

Indeed, the idea that the unionists had a point, and that it was important to represent both sides of the discussion, did not even figure in the "debate", and has yet to do so!

Also, not on the table were the blatant lies which the Nats have been telling about the turnout.