The United Kingdom is the Progressive Alliance

A Force For Good is a Street Activist group as well as a Unionist Think-Tank.

We appeal to the Heart as well as the Head.

When the Scottish Nationalists marched on Saturday 3 June 2017, our Team reminded them of the value of unity over division.

This was our first of many successful "Counter Presence" events which have continued each year since.

As our Director, Alistair McConnachie, pointed out:

"Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England, United Together. That's the Progressive Alliance!"

If you would like to be part of A Force For Good's Activist Team then please contact us to discuss.

If you are unable to be part of the team on the streets but support our work, then please contribute to our work from as little as £1.15 a week (£5 a month).

Here's a Transcript, and a Video, from part of our 40-minute presentation from that day.

Transcript of Video: 'One UK from A to Z'

Delivered in George Square, Glasgow, 3-6-17.

Transcript begins>

The United Kingdom is the True Progressive Alliance

We're Stronger Together...

Whether we are in Aberdeen

Or whether we are in Aberystwyth

Whether we are in Bannockburn

Or whether we are in Belfast

Whether we are in Carstairs

Or Carlisle

Whether we are in Dundee

Or Donaghadee

We Stand as One

We Stand Together

Under One Banner

The Banner of the British Flag

We Stand Together Under One Roof

We Stand Together

United by our

Great United Kingdom

Whether we are in Easterhouse

Or whether we are in Eastbourne

Whether we are in Falkirk

Or whether we are in Falmouth

We Stand Together

Whether we are in the Great British City of Glasgow

Or whether we are in Glastonbury

We are One People

We will not be Divided

We will Stand Together

We will Oppose Separation

And ask you to Join with Us

Whether you are in Hampden

Or whether you are in Hammersmith

Whether you are in Inverness

Or whether you are in Ipswich

Whether you are from Johnston

Or whether you're from Jaywick in Essex

We are One People

Under One United Kingdom

Whether you are in Kilmarnock

Or whether you are in Kidderminster

Whether you are in Lenzie

Or whether you are in London

We are One People

From A to Z

One People

From A to Z

Whether you are in Maryhill

Or whether you are in Manchester

Whether you are in Newmilns

Or whether you are in Newtownabbey

Whether you are in Oban

Or whether you are in Omagh

We are One People

Standing Together United

as part of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

And we Stand against Division

And we Stand against Separation

Whether you are in Penicuik

Or whether you are in Pontypridd or Penzance

Whether you are in Queenslie

Or whether you are in Quarrington

Whether you are in Ravenscraig

Or whether you are in Reading

Whether you are in Stromness

Or whether you are in Strabane

We are One Nation

We are One People

We are One United Kingdom

And we will not be Divided

Whether you are in Tobermory

Or whether you are in Twickenham

Whether you are in Ullapool

Or whether you are in Ulverston

We are not going to be Divided

We are Together

We Stand in Opposition to Separation

We Stand in Opposition to Division

Unify, join with Us

Whether you are in Voe in Shetland

Or whether you are in Victoria Station, London

Whether you are in Waterside in Ayrshire

Or whether you are in Weston-Super-Mare

or Welshpool or Warrenpoint or Warrington Bank Quay

We Stand Together as One

Under One Banner

The British Banner

We Stand Together

Under One Flag

The British Flag

And the 'X' reminds us of the Cross

That we will always put on the Box

In order to keep our Wonderful United Kingdom Together

Whether you are in Yarrow Water in Selkirk

Or whether you are in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight

Or whether you are in Zetland Road, Glasgow G52

Or Zetland Street, London E14

We are all joined Together

as part of the United Kingdom

And the glorious things about the United Kingdom

Is that it is...The Progressive Alliance

Great Britain is a Nation of Unions

A Nation of Unions which have been

Bringing us together, through time

Since the dawn of time

We are the United Kingdom

We are a Nation of Unions

And we Stand Together with that Message to You

That if you want to be Progressive

Join with those of us who want to Bring us Together

and who Oppose Separation

Don't set our fellow Scots against the English

Don't set our fellow English against the Scots

We are all British Together!

<end of Transcript

See the entire 40-minute raw footage here:


Our tireless work to maintain the Union, promote the UK and oppose the forces of separatism depends upon your support.

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